How to Maintain your Spa

Operate the air blower a few times a week, to avoid stagnant water in the pipes as this can be a source of stagnant water smell.

Each week remove two buckets of water from the spa to avoid the build up of minerals and chemical residue. Do this regardless of water evaporation.

Allow the spa to breathe by leaving the cover off the spa 5 mins before using the spa. This will allow burn off gas to escape otherwise the gas can condense and go back into the water which will cause cloudiness and odour.

  • If after heavy use spa is cloudy dose 1 measure cup of Enviro Booster powder.
  • After filtering, remove and clean thoroughly.
  • Remember to clean the cartridge often as this is the "kitchen tidy” of your spa.

To Clean Up a Spa?

If the spa is dirty or smelly after the above routine, check it may be time to change the water, or give the spa a good clean up as follows: Remove the filter element and hose thoroughly can be soaked in Enviro Filter Cleaner ensure it is hosed thoroughly before replacing.

  • Shock dose the spa with 1 ½ cups of Enviro Booster powder.
  • Note: After adding the Booster shock, the water may turn dirty and foamy. the water may turn dirty and foamy. This is normal and the water will clear after filtering for 1-2hrs.
  • Remove and thoroughly clean filter again.
  • The water should end up clear and clean with no odour detectable.
  • Test pH level should be 7.6 – 7.8
  • If below the above level then add 30grms (1 measure cup) Enviro pH Raiser run filter.
  • Dose Spa with your required dose of Water Sanitiser, Enviro Clarifier and Enviro Booster Powder.

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