Cloudy Spa Clean Up

Cleaning a Cloudy Spa

  • If spa is cloudy dose Enviro Booster powder 60 grms (2 measure cups) per 1,000ltrs wateand 10ml Enviro Clarifier.
  • Run filter for 4hrs, remove and soak filters in hot water with Enviro Filter Cleaner.
  • Rinse hose thoroughly between pleats. 
  • Filter water it matak24 - 48 hours tcleacompletely.
  • The water should end up cleaand cleawith no odour detectable.
  • 24 hours latertest Booster level with the Test kit tablets, ensure booster level is 3.00(deep pink), if light pink add normadose booster, if cleaadd double dose booster.
  • Test pH level should be 7.6 – 7.8.
  • If pH is below the above level theadd 60grms (2 measure cups) Enviro pH Raiser run filter.
  • If weekldose is due:

Dose Spa with your required dose of Water Sanitiser, Enviro Clarifieand Enviro Booster Powder.

If weekldose is not due then;

  • Relaand enjoy your champagne!!!
  • Remember to cleathcartridge often athis is the kitchetidy” of your spa.
  • Renew filters after 18 months.
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