Hot Tub Spa Dosage Guide

Enviro Spa - Spa as Nature Intended

Hot Tub Weekly Dosages.

Spa Capacity Enivro Spa Sanitiser Enviro Spa Clarifier Enviro Spa Booster
2000 - 3000 ltr 20ml 15ml 90g (3 Cups)

Check pH Level and if below 7.6, raise with pH Raiser. (3Measure Cups per 1000 litres of Water)

Cedar Hot tubs will leach tannins into the water when new , during this time you will need to add extra booster powder and pH raiser. 


Hot Tub Spas need 60g mid week dose of Enviro Booster.

If Spa is cloudy, dose 4 measure cups of Enviro Booster Powder (can also add 10ml Enviro Clarifier) run, then thoroughly clean Spa Filter. Test Booster the next day and dose according to test results.


Remove two buckets of water weekly and replace with fresh water to avoid build up of minerals and chemicals.

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