MSPA Inflatable Spa Dosages

Enviro Spa - Spa as Nature Intended

Weekly Dosages.

Spa Capacity Enivro Spa Sanitiser Enviro Spa Clarifier Enviro Spa Booster
850 - 1000 ltr 10ml 5ml 30g (1 Cup)

Check pH Level and if below 7.6, raise with pH Raiser.


Spas need 30g mid week dose booster.

Heavy Use Spas - 3 or more persons more than once a week. Mid week dose of Enviro Booster in accordance to test result.

If Spa is cloudy, use a double dose of Enviro Booster Powder run, then thoroughly clean Spa Filter. May take 24 -48 hours to clear.


Remove a bucket of water weekly and replace with fresh water to avoid build up of minerals and chemicals.

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