Spa Water Test Guide

Testing Spa Water for Correct Dose Level.

  • Test Tablets are available from Enviro Spa & Pool.
  • Drop tablet into a cylinder and gently crush test tablet (this can be done by using the flat end of a pencil).
  • Collect 10ml of water from Spa in the measure provided.
  • Carefully pour over the crushed tablet.
  • Gently mix until the tablet has dissolved, the sample will slowly turn pink.
  • Leave the sample to stand for 20 seconds and then compare the colour to the chart provided.
  • If the test is clear add a double dose of Enviro Booster.
  • If test is very light pink then add a normal dose.
  • The colour will need to be a dark pink if wishing to clear cloudy water.


A twice a week dose of Enviro Booster in the Spa is required.

Check and keep pH in the range of 7.2 and 7.6. If needed, increase pH to the minium point using Enviro pH Powder. (1 measure cup per 1000lt).

When dosing mid-week it is suggested to test before dosing to ascertain dose level.

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