• Chemical Free Trial Pack

    Chemical Free Trial Pack

    Normally $65. Only one per New Customer! Read More
  • Easy to Use and 50% more Economical.

    Easy to Use and 50% more Economical.

    Try us out!You wont believe the difference. No Chlorine, No Salt, No Allergy. Replaces ALL other Chemicals with No Itch, No Smell and No Worries! Read More
  • See what Our Clients Say!

    See what Our Clients Say!

    Don't take our word for it! We have hundreds of Enviro Spa Cleaning clients throughout Australia.

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  • Environmentally Friendly and Hypoallergenic

    Environmentally Friendly and Hypoallergenic

    Used for over 15 years in Australia, it is the premium method for chlorine-free, economical treatment of private spas.

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Spa Filter Cleaners

Bullfrog Spas STIL Seats 6.3

Enviro Spa has a Eco Friendly Filter Cleaner. Filters should be hosed thoroughly weekly and monthly soaked in Filter cleaner to remove any build up. The filter cleaner is simple to use just soak filters 15mins in warm water then hose. Try our Enviro hose nozzle to quicken the process.

Clean Filters = Clean Water and less pressure on your pump.

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What our Clients Say

  • Sally M

    Thank you so much for your service over the last 6 years - you made owning a spa a delight and was always available for queries whenever I required. Read More
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